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Welcome to the ProFém-Tec Ltd.

Our company has been operating in its present form since 2004. At the beginning limited liability company functioned in a workshop of 400 m2 with 12 employees, and by now it has evolved to become a stable family enterprise employing 30 people. In our factory hall of 1500 m2 25 people are employed each of whom can boast with a great deal of expertise and 20-25 years of professional experience. Since the beginning we consciously aimed at permanent improvement and we set the objective of continuous development and to provide serve our customers and partners in the most perfect way possible.

Our profile:

Our main activity is steel cutting and milling, manufacturing spare parts for machine equipments, manufacturing cold and hot forming tools, individual and serial production.



The construction and design related questions emerging during our work are supported and solved through the modern AutoCad and Solid Edge systems, and in many cases we undertake to design spare parts, appliances and tools.


Besides the traditional machinery, the manufacturing work is carried out by the modern CNC controlled machines, up to a size of o1000x3000 in turnery, up to a size of 2600x1000x1000 mm in milling, and up to a weight limit of maximum 4T.